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5V Solenoid Valve



Operating Voltage 3.6-6 V DC
Coil Resistance 9Ω± 5% (at 20 Celsius)
Pulse Width 30ms

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The 5V Solenoid Valve emerges as a crucial component in fluid control systems, leveraging its design to enable precise and efficient control of fluid flow in various applications.

Delving into its core features, this solenoid valve operates with a 5V power supply, providing a low-voltage solution for fluid control.
Its design incorporates electronic components that facilitate the manipulation of the valve’s state, allowing for the regulation of fluid passage.

Furthermore, the valve’s compact design and 5V power requirement make it an optimal choice for applications.

In terms of construction, the 5V Solenoid features a streamlined and efficient design. Its simplicity aids in the ease of installation and integration, making it accessible to both beginners and experienced professionals.

Transitioning to its functionality, the valve seamlessly interfaces with control systems, enabling precise regulation of fluid flow.
This integration ensures that the valve’s operation aligns with the specific requirements of diverse applications.

In practical terms, the 5V Solenoid Valve plays a pivotal role in fluid control setups.
Its ability to open and close in response to electronic signals adds a layer of efficiency to applications requiring accurate fluid management.

Moreover, the valve’s transition from closed to open positions is rapid, enhancing its responsiveness in dynamic fluid control scenarios.
This quick response time is particularly advantageous in applications where timely fluid regulation is essential.

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Packages includes:-

  • 1 x 5V Solenoid Valve.


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