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Advance Metallic Robotic Chassis



  • Heavy metal and powder coated.
  • Many mounting holes given for easy attachment of development board, sensor modules, etc.
  • Forward to be attached by caster wheel.
  • Center shaft gear motor and BO motor can be attached.

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Advance Metallic Robotic Chassis – 1 Piece
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Advance Metallic Robotic Chassis

We’ve included numerous perforated holes for easy attachment of development boards and sensors.
You can use both center shaft gear motors and side shaft gear motors with this chassis.

  • Advanced Metal Chassis: This metal chassis is designed for robots..
  • Easy Motor Mounting: You can easily mount motors using standard motor mount nuts.
  • Versatile Configuration: It supports both skid-steer (4 motors) and differential (2 rear wheels + 1 front castor wheel) configurations..
  • Perforated Body: The body features perforated holes for convenient mounting of circuit boards and various mechanical components.
  • Key Robot Structure: This chassis board serves as the structural foundation for mobile robots, housing motors, sensors, and wheels.
  • Customizable Base: It provides a flexible base for building robots and allows you to position components as needed.
  • An advanced metallic robotic chassis represents a specialized mechanical framework.
    It designed to serve as the foundation for various types of robots. Engineers construct these chassis from durable metals like aluminum or steel, imparting the necessary strength and durability to endure the demands of robotic applications. Here are some key details


    Material: Crafted from lightweight, durable metals like aluminum, these materials offer strength and longevity for enduring rigorous use.

    Modular Design: Additionally, it features a modular design with customizable mounting holes, slots, and attachment points, simplifying the integration of sensors, actuators, and other components.

    Suspension System: Furthermore, it comes equipped with an advanced suspension system that enhances stability and mobility, enabling the robot to navigate rough terrain with ease.

    Motor Compatibility: Moreover, it’s designed to accommodate various motors, including DC motors, stepper motors, and more, providing versatility in motor selection.

    Electronics Enclosure: It also includes an integrated electronics enclosure for housing control boards, microcontrollers, and power management systems, ensuring a protected wiring setup.

    Adjustable Size: Additionally, it allows for adjustable sizing, enabling you to customize the chassis to specific project requirements, whether for compact or larger robots.

    Battery Compartment: It features a dedicated battery compartment or mounting points, ensuring secure battery installation and optimizing the robot’s power source.

    Wheeled Configuration: Typically, it’s designed with a 4WD (Four-Wheel Drive) configuration, improving mobility and stability, making it suitable for various terrains.

    Advanced Sensors: Lastly, it provides mounting options and supports advanced sensors such as LiDAR, cameras, IMUs (Inertial Measurement Units), and more, enabling precise navigation and data collection.


    Autonomous Mobile Robots: These metallic chassis support autonomous robots in warehouse automation, delivery, and self-driving vehicles with customizable sensors and navigation systems.

    Search and Rescue: They excel in disaster areas by adeptly finding survivors and transmitting vital data to rescue teams.

    Agricultural Automation: They serve as platforms for farming robots, contributing to precision farming, crop monitoring, and autonomous harvesting.

    Industrial Automation: These chassis empower industrial robots for material handling, logistics, and manufacturing.

    Research and Development: Researchers utilize them as a robust foundation for experimenting with advanced robotics technologies.

    Defense and Security: Military and security agencies use them for surveillance robots in critical areas.

    Space Exploration: They adapt for space robots exploring planets, moons, and asteroids with specialized instruments and sensors.

    Environmental Monitoring: In challenging remote or hazardous zones, they are deployed for monitoring wildlife, forests, and oceans.

    Education and Competitions: Commonly used in educational institutions and robot competitions, fostering learning and innovation in robotics through student projects.

    In summary, advanced metallic robotic chassis provide versatile modular designs for meeting various project requirements.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Advance Metallic Robotic Chassis.

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