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Germ Buster Smartivity



  • Designed by IIT Alumni in Collaboration With Children
  • Children Learn Best Through Play
  • Have Fun with Hydraulic Crane
  • Best Gift for Kids 8-14 yr girls & boys
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Germ Buster Smartivity Kit offers an innovative educational experience for children, immersing them in hands-on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) learning. Through building and operating the Smartivity Human Body STEM, kids explore fundamental engineering principles, nurturing their interest in science and technology.

This kit features a realistic hydraulic system, so allowing children to grasp fluid dynamics and pressure concepts. Constructing the crane and manipulating body levers illustrate how fluid movement creates controlled mechanical actions.

With a focus on hands-on learning, the Smartivity Germ Buster Smartivity kit encourages children to assemble the crane independently. Following step-by-step instructions enhances their problem-solving, fine motor, and spatial but reasoning skills. but Building a functional body boosts their confidence and sparks creativity.

Designed as a play-based learning tool, this kit seamlessly merges education with entertainment. Children not only construct the crane but also delight in operating it. This blend ensures active engagement, making the learning experience enjoyable and memorable.

Moreover, the kit fosters creativity and experimentation. Children are encouraged to modify the crane’s design, explore various configurations, and observe the outcomes of their changes. This experimentation nurtures their curiosity, empowering them to think critically and devise unique solutions.


  • Trusted By Parents, Loved By Children in 24 Countries (incl USA, Europe): Non-Toxic & Safe. Tested in global labs. Exceeds global toy safety standards. India’s Global Brand
  • Children Learn Best Through Play: Smartivity helps Reducing Screen Time & Helps in Brain Development of your child with STEAM Concepts based game/toy with Real Moving Parts & MECHANICAL ACTIONS
  • Have Fun with Hydraulic Crane : Hydraulic Toys are Fun to Play with also Helps in Development of Early Age Analytical & Problem Solving Skills in Child and Helps Improving Creativity & Curiosity
  • Best Gift for Kids 8-14 yr girls & boys: Build, Play, Learn, 232 Parts,BUILD TIME: 200 min, STEM Concepts: Hydraulic System,Rack and Pinion Mechanism & Momentum Transfer

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Package Includes:

  • 1 x Germ Buster Smartivity.


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