Wi-Fi Smart net camera with antenna V380 Pro (CCTV Camera)



1)Recommended Uses For Product : Home Security  Night Version Detection

2)Connectivity  : Wireless

3)Wi-Fi Camera, it?s a Wireless Hd CCTV camera for security purpose.

4) 3. 360 degree moble control

About this item

  • Two Way Communication and No Hard Disk required for recording :Rotate and control camera direction direct from mobile application. Ultra HD resolution for crisp and clear image. Inbuilt IR LED for clear night vision
  • LIVE HOME : Watch live view of your home on mobile phone anytime anywhere. Check if the kids are playing safe or the car is parked securely. Triple Antenna Wireless Technology home security camera with easy installation
  • RECORDING: All videos from camera can be saved on SD Card and Cloud server. Conbre Camera also support video storage on cloud server to keep recordings safe even if the camera is stolen or broken
  • Input Power : 5V ; Working temperature : -10C ~ 50C; Support Devices : Android 4.4 above or IOS 9.0 above

Wi-Fi Camera, it?s a Wireless Hd CCTV camera for security purpose. It is perfect for day or night surveillance with the ability to see hear whats’s happening 24/7 indoor or outdoor Features: 1. Operating Power: 12V 2. Night Vision: HD Night vision with inbuilt IR lens for crisp and clear image even in dark. 3. 360 degree moble control: It can be rotate camera horizontally or vertically from anywear in the world using mobile application. 4. It Suport both multiple user view and live recording at hte same time. 5. We can save the images and vedios in the mobile, laptop or tablet using the mobile application.. 6. This camera is the best solution for home, office, shop and schools.. etc.

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