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obstacle avoidance robot (3 wheel working robot kit)

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Hardware Required

  • Arduino Uno
  • Ultrasonic Range Finder Sensor – HC – SR04
  • Motor Driver IC – L293D
  • Servo Motor (Tower Pro SG90)
  • Geared Motors x 2
  • Robot Chassis
  • Power Supply
  • Battery Connector
  • Battery Holder
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Introducing the Obstacle Avoidance Robot, a dynamic and versatile 3-wheel working robot kit designed to navigate through its environment with precision and agility.
To delve into its fundamental features, this robot kit serves as an engaging platform for learning and experimentation in the exciting field of robotics.

Moreover, the robot’s obstacle avoidance so capabilities are a standout feature. Integrated sensors, such as infrared or ultrasonic sensors, but enable the robot to detect obstacles in its path.
In response, the robot autonomously adjusts its trajectory, avoiding collisions and enhancing its ability.

In terms of construction, the 3-wheel design contributes to the robot’s stability and maneuverability.
The wheels are strategically positioned to provide balance and precise control, making it an ideal choice for educational.

Furthermore, the robot seamlessly interfaces with programmable microcontrollers, such as Arduino or Raspberry Pi, allowing enthusiasts
This compatibility empowers users to customize the robot’s behavior, so implement algorithms for obstacle avoidance.

In practical terms, the Obstacle Avoidance Robot serves as an excellent educational tool for students and hobbyists interested in robotics and programming.
Its interactive nature and hands-on approach to so learning make it an engaging entry point for understanding the principles of robotics and automation.

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Package Includes:

  • 1 x obstacle avoidance robot (3 wheel working robot kit).


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