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ATtiny85 Microcontroller



  • Flash (Kbytes): 8 Kbytes
  • Pin Count: 8
  • Max. Operating Freq. (MHz): 20 MHz
  • CPU: 8-bit AVR
  • Number of Touch Channels: 3
  • Hardware Q Touch Acquisition: No
  • Max I/O Pins: 6
  • Ext Interrupts: 6
  • USB Interface: No
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The ATtiny85 Microcontroller, a compact and versatile device, holds a pivotal role in the realm of embedded systems and microcontroller applications, providing efficient functionality within a small footprint.

To delve into its fundamental features, the ATtiny85 boasts a robust set of capabilities encompassing GPIO pins, analog-to-digital converters, and timers.
These features empower the microcontroller to handle an array of tasks, ranging from basic input/output operations to more intricate functions such as analog signal processing.

Additionally, the microcontroller’s adaptability is noteworthy. With its compact form factor and diverse functionality, it serves as a cornerstone in projects demanding economical and effective control.

In terms of construction, the ATtiny85 Microcontroller showcases a space-efficient design without compromising performance.
Its small footprint proves advantageous in applications where size constraints are critical, making it the preferred choice for compact electronic designs.

Moreover, the ATtiny85 seamlessly interfaces with various electronic components and systems.
This compatibility ensures straightforward integration into a variety of electronic setups, broadening its utility in diverse projects requiring microcontroller-based control.

Practically, the microcontroller’s execution of programmed instructions adds a layer of functionality to electronic projects.
This capability is especially beneficial in scenarios requiring precise control, sensing, or data processing.

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Packages includes:-

  • 1 x ATtiny85 Microcontroller.


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