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XH-M452 Temperature and Humidity Controller Module


  • Power supply: DC 12V
  • Temperature measurement range:-40~120
  • Humidity range0~100%RH
  • Control precision0.1 0.1%RH
  • Test probe Integrated sensor
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The XH-M452 Temperature and Humidity Controller Module emerge as a pivotal component in climate control systems, providing precise monitoring and regulation of environmental conditions.
This module integrates advanced sensing technologies to deliver accurate readings of both temperature and humidity in real-time.

Equipped with a user-friendly interface, but this module facilitates easy configuration and adjustment of temperature and humidity setpoints.
Its intuitive controls enable users to customize the desired environmental parameters based on specific requirements, making it suitable for various applications, from incubators to climate-controlled chambers.

The module employs high-quality sensors that ensure reliability and stability in measuring temperature and humidity.
This accuracy is crucial for applications where precise environmental control is essential, such as in plant cultivation, storage facilities.

Designed for versatility, the XH-M452 module offers multiple output options for controlling external devices like heaters, coolers, or humidifiers.
This flexibility allows users to automate the climate control process, so enhancing the efficiency and consistency of environmental conditions.

With its compact form factor and robust construction, the module is suitable for integration into diverse projects, ranging from DIY setups to industrial-grade applications.
Its durable build ensures resilience in various operating environments, contributing to its longevity and reliability.

The module’s accessibility and functionality make it an ideal tool for learning about sensor technologies and automated control systems.

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Packages includes:-

  • 1 x XH-M452 Temperature and Humidity Controller Module.


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