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MLX90614 ESF Infrared Temperature Sensor




  • Livestock monitoring
  • <li>Movement detection

  • Thermal relay/alert
  • Body temperature measurement

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The MLX90614 ESF Infrared Temperature Sensor represents a pinnacle in temperature sensing technology, offering unmatched precision in contactless temperature measurement. By harnessing sophisticated infrared sensing mechanisms, this sensor can accurately detect the thermal radiation emitted by objects, translating it into precise temperature readings with unparalleled accuracy. Its compact design and intuitive interface make it highly adaptable, finding utility in a diverse array of fields such as industrial process monitoring, automotive systems, medical devices, and consumer electronics. Notably, its non-contact operation eliminates concerns regarding contamination and material damage, rendering it particularly suitable for sterile environments where maintaining pristine conditions is paramount.

Moreover, the MLX90614 ESF sensor boasts an impressive temperature range and exceptional accuracy, ensuring consistent performance even in the most demanding conditions. Its low power consumption further enhances its versatility, making it well-suited for applications powered by batteries. Whether it’s monitoring surface temperatures within industrial machinery or accurately gauging body temperature in medical devices, the Infrared Temperature Sensor stands as a reliable cornerstone, empowering engineers and developers across various industries to achieve precision and reliability in their temperature measurement endeavors.


  1. Non-contact Temperature Measurement
  2. High Accuracy
  3. Wide Temperature Range
  4. Dual Outputs (Digital and Analog)
  5. Low Power Consumption

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Packages includes:-

  • 1 x MLX90614 ESF Infrared Temperature Sensor


Weight 0.2 kg


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