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Piezoelectric Sensor / Piezo Plate (10 Pcs)


Piezoelectric Sensor/Buzzer/Transducer/Disc 27mm Piezo Plate

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Piezoelectric Sensor / Piezo Plate (10 Pcs), consisting of 10 pieces in this set, are exceptional components in the realm of electronics and sound engineering. These versatile devices employ piezoelectric principles to convert mechanical vibrations into electrical signals and vice versa. Consequently, they find applications in a wide array of fields.

First and foremost, for instance, these piezo plates are integral in the production of sound in musical instruments. When mechanically stressed, they generate electrical voltages that drive speakers or produce acoustic tones in instruments like electronic keyboards and electronic drums. Moreover, these plates have a place in various industries where precise measurements are crucial, such as in sensors for detecting pressure, force, or acceleration.

In the world of robotics, piezo plates play a crucial role. As a result, they are often employed in tactile sensors that provide robots with the ability to perceive their physical interactions with the environment. This tactile feedback is vital for enabling robots to handle delicate objects or perform tasks that require dexterity.

Furthermore, these piezo plates have applications in ultrasonic devices. By applying electrical voltages to them, they can produce ultrasonic waves used in technologies like ultrasonic cleaning, distance measurements, and medical imaging. The versatility of piezo plates makes them an invaluable asset in various engineering and scientific pursuits.

In addition, their small size and efficiency make them suitable for portable devices and micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS). They can be used in tiny sensors and actuators, contributing to the miniaturization of electronics.

To sum it up, piezo plates, available in this set of 10 pieces, are multifunctional components indispensable in creating sound, enabling precise measurements, enhancing robotic capabilities, powering ultrasonic devices, and facilitating miniaturization in the world of electronics. Their adaptability and efficiency make them a valuable addition to various applications across diverse industries.

Applications :

  • Musical Instruments
  • Sensors
  • Robotics
  • Ultrasonic Devices
  • MEMS and Portable Devices: Piezoelectric Sensor / Piezo Plate (10 Pcs) Due to their small size and efficiency, piezo plates are ideal for micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) and portable devices.

Plate Diameter: 100mm
Element Diameter: 14mm
Plate Thickness: .410mm
Lead Length: ~50mm
Plate Material: Brass Resonant
Frequency (kHz): 6.3 +/- .6kHz

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Packages includes:-

  • 1 x Piezo Plate (10 Pcs).

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