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Water Flow Sensor YFS402



  • Flow Rate Range: 1~ 5L/min
  • Weight : 1.02 oz (29 g)
  • Load Capacity: ≤10mA (DC 5V)

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The sensor is a crucial component in various applications. This sensor accurately measures the flow rate of water and provides real-time data.

Firstly, this sensor is highly reliable in monitoring water flow. Furthermore, it offers precise readings, making it ideal for both residential and industrial use.

Moreover, the “Water Flow Sensor YFS402” is easy to install. To begin with, it features a user-friendly interface, simplifying the setup process.

In addition, this sensor is compatible with various devices, such as microcontrollers and IoT platforms. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates with existing water management systems.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that the “Water Flow Sensor YFS402” is cost-effective. Consequently, it provides excellent value for the investment.

Additionally, this sensor is durable and built to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Hence, it ensures long-lasting performance.

SPECIFICATIONS of Water Flow Sensor YF S402

  • Mini. Working Voltage: DC 4.5V
  • Max. Working Current: 15mA (DC 5V)
  • Working Voltage: DC 5V~24V
  • Flow Rate Range: 1~ 5L/min
  • Load Capacity: ≤10mA (DC 5V)
  • Operating Temperature: ≤80C
  • Liquid Temperature: ≤120C
  • Operating Humidity: 35%~90%RH
  • Water Pressure: 0.35 MPa
  • Storage Temperature: -25 ~ +80C
  • Storage Humidity: 25% ~ 95%RH
  • Insulation resistance > 100Mっ
  • Pipe Gauge: 1/4 inch outer diameter
  • Error: +/-2L/min;
  • Flow pulse characteristic f = (73 * Q) ± 2% Q = L / MIN
  • Output pulse duty cycle 50% ± 10%
  • Dimensions : 2.28 in x 1.38 in x 1.06 in (5.8 cm x 3.5 cm x 2.7 cm)
  • Weight : 1.02 oz (29 g)
  • Thread Size : G 1/4″

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Packages includes:-

  • 1 x Water Flow Sensor YFS402.


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