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Water Flow Sensor YFS401


  1. Operating Voltage: 5-12VDC
  2. Operating Current: 15mA
  3. Insulation Resistance >100MOhm
  4. Nozzle Size: 1/8″
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The Water Flow Sensor YFS401 represents a pivotal component in fluid monitoring systems, offering an effective solution.
Delving into its fundamental features, this flow sensor employs a robust design that enables accurate measurement of water flow rates. Its construction incorporates precision components that respond dynamically to changes in water velocity, so providing real-time data.

Furthermore, the sensor’s compact design and versatility make it an optimal choice for applications where space constraints and the need for reliable flow measurements are paramount.

In terms of construction, the Water Flow Sensor features a streamlined and efficient design. Its simplicity aids in easy installation and integration, but catering to a broad spectrum of users, from hobbyists to professionals.

Transitioning to its functionality, the sensor seamlessly interfaces with monitoring systems, delivering precise information about water flow rates. This integration ensures that the sensor’s output aligns with the specific requirements of diverse applications, from irrigation systems to industrial processes.

In practical terms, the Water Flow Sensor YFS401 plays a crucial role in fluid monitoring setups. Its ability to provide so accurate and real-time data about water flow contributes to efficient resource management and process optimization.

Moreover, the sensor’s rapid response time enhances and its effectiveness in dynamic fluid control scenarios. This quick response is particularly advantageous in applications where timely and accurate flow measurements are critical.

The incorporation of the Water Flow Sensor YFS401 in fluid monitoring systems signifies a significant advancement in the field of sensor technology. This shift is crucial for industries seeking reliable and precise solutions for water flow monitoring.YFS401 


  • Analog Sensor
  • Accuracy Up-to 5%
  • Water Proof Sensor
  • Standard 1/8″ Nozzle Size
  • Max. Supported Water Flow: 6L/Min

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Packages includes:-

  • 1 x Water Flow Sensor YFS401.


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