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TCRT5000 IR Sensor Module


Quick Overview:

  • pH measurement capabilities ranging from 0 to 14pH.
  • It includes a pH probe and sensor board for easy signal conditioning.
  • Compatible with Arduino and Raspberry Pi,
  • user-friendly design and versatile functionality,
  • it serves as an essential tool for pH monitoring needs.
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The TCRT5000 IR Sensor Module utilizes the TCRT5000 IR Sensor to accurately detect color and distance. Comprising an IR transmitter and an IR receiver, this module emits an IR signal continuously, which is then reflected by obstacles and detected by the receiver. Widely employed in line following robots and object sorting robots, this module distinguishes between surfaces of varying colors, such as white and black, making it indispensable for precise robotic operations.

With a measuring distance range spanning from 1mm to 8mm and a central point at approximately 2.5mm, this module offers versatility in detecting proximity. Additionally, an onboard potentiometer enables users to fine-tune the sensitivity according to their specific requirements. When powered on, the infrared diode emits a continuous infrared signal. If the emitted infrared light fails to reflect or the strength is insufficient, the receiver diode remains in the off state, resulting in a LOW output on the DO pin.

For further insights into proximity sensors and their diverse applications, readers can explore our blog on Proximity Sensor Types. Delving into the fundamental concepts, various types of proximity sensors, and their operational principles, this resource provides valuable information to enhance understanding and utilization of proximity sensing technology.


  • Precise pH measurement from 0 to 14pH.
  • pH probe and sensor board included.
  • Output signal conditioning for accuracy.
  • Compatible with Arduino and Raspberry Pi.
  • User-friendly and efficient design.


  • Water pH level determination and monitoring.
  • Soil pH measurement in agricultural settings.
  • Aquaculture research and water quality testing.
  • Educational experiments and scientific studies.
  • Industrial and environmental pH monitoring tasks.

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Package Includes :

  • 1 x TCRT5000 IR Sensor Module


Weight 0.2 kg


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