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Photodiode Sensor Module for Light Detection


Light sensor If the light changes the signal value at Sent out will change accordingly. When there is more light than the set light level Power on the module will light and output the pin DO to 0 or 1. Sensitivity adjustable on board variable resistor 3.3-5V power supply.

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A Photodiode Sensor Module for Light Detection is a compact electronic device designed for detecting and measuring light levels in various environments. It utilizes a photodiode, a semiconductor device that generates electrical current when exposed to light, to perform light detection tasks with precision and accuracy.


  • Precision Light Detection: Photodiode Sensor Modules for Light Detection offer high-precision light detection additionally its ideal for accuracy-demanding applications.
  • Wide Spectral Range: They detect light from UV to IR, suitable for diverse lighting conditions.Rapid Response: These modules provide swift real-time monitoring and control in dynamic lighting environments.
  • Analog and Digital Outputs: Modules may offer both analog and digital outputs, enhancing data flexibility.
  • Adjustable Sensitivity: Many modules feature user-adjustable sensitivity for customized responses.


  • Light Measurement: Used in light and lux meters for precision measurement in photography, architecture, and agriculture.
  • Optical Communication: Vital in converting optical signals to electrical ones for data transmission in optical communication systems.
  • Security Systems: Detect unauthorized access by monitoring changes in ambient light in security applications.
  • Industrial Automation: Employed for monitoring conveyor belts, product counting, and quality control based on light patterns in industrial automation.
  • Proximity Sensing: Used in proximity sensors to detect object presence or absence via reflected light.

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