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Metal Detector Sensor



  • VCC 9V Battery (From 9V Battery And Not Adapter)
  • Logic High Out Put With Common Ground
  • Can detect any metal at the range of 1Cm to 3Cm, you can connect 9V battery to make it handy
  • Note: It will not detect coins if it is in the middle of the coil, it may detect if it is close to the coil, It will not detect any type of explosives
  • Inclusions 1 X metal detector, metal sensor has to supply 12V from controllers and not 12V via adapter
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A Metal Detector Sensor serves as a remarkable device, transforming how we detect and identify metal objects. This technology bestows a wide range of benefits, rendering it invaluable in numerous applications.


  • High Sensitivity: Metal Detector Sensors detect even small metal objects, ensuring accuracy in various scenarios.
  • Versatility: These sensors adapt easily and integrate into diverse systems, including security systems, industrial machinery, and hobbyist devices.
  • Reliability: Known for consistent performance, they excel in the field of metal detection.
  • Easy Integration: Seamlessly incorporate Metal Detector Sensors into existing setups, reducing installation complexity.
  • Precise Targeting: These sensors not only detect metals but also specify their type and size, enhancing security and usability.


    • Security Screening: Moreover, metal Detector Sensors play a pivotal role in airports and public spaces, ensuring safety by detecting concealed weapons or contraband.
    • Industrial Quality Control: Likewise, manufacturers rely on Metal Detector Sensors to identify metal contaminants in products, maintaining quality.
    • Archaeology and Treasure Hunting: Additionally, Hobbyists and archaeologists utilize Metal Detector Sensors to locate historical artifacts and hidden treasures.
    • Mining Industry: Metal detection technology is indispensable in mining operations for locating valuable ores and avoiding non-metallic material processing.

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Packages includes:-

  • 1 x Metal Detector Sensor


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