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DHT11 Sensor Module with LED



  • Input Supply voltage (VDC): 3.3 ~ 5
  • Supply Current (mA): measurement 0.3mA standby 60μA
  • Temperature measurement range: 0~50 degrees

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DHT11 Sensor Module with LED.

The DHT11 Sensor Module with LED is a versatile and user-friendly device that brings precision and real-time environmental monitoring capabilities to your electronic projects.

DHT11 sensor module utilizes a highly sensitive digital sensor that can precisely detect temperature and humidity levels.
This accuracy is particularly valuable in applications where environmental.

One of its standout features is the built-in LED indicator.
The LED provides at-a-glance feedback on the status of the sensor, making it easy to confirm.
DHT11 sensor module is designed to seamlessly integrate with various microcontrollers .
This wide compatibility ensures that you can effortlessly incorporate it into your existing projects or prototypes, regardless of your preferred hardware ecosystem.

Furthermore, the module’s compact form factor and straightforward wiring make it accessible to both beginners and experienced electronics enthusiasts.
It connects to your microcontroller with just a few wires, simplifying the integration.

Moreover, this sensor module is energy-efficient, consuming minimal power during operation.
Its low power requirements are advantageous for battery-operated devices.

DHT11 Sensor Module with LED combines accuracy, user-friendliness, and compatibility, making it an essential tool for environmental monitoring and data collection.
Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional engineer, this sensor module empowers.

With its compact design and LED indicator, it’s a reliable choice for applications where monitoring and responding to environmental conditions are critical, bringing a new level of control and insight to your electronic creations.

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  • DHT11 sensor with PCB and LED indicator along with cable; 3 to 5V power and I/O, 4 pins with 0.1″ spacing
  • The board has pre-built 4.7K or 10K resistor, which you will need to use as a pull-up from the data pin to VCC
  • 2.5mA max current use during conversion (while requesting data)
  • Good for 20-80% humidity readings with 5% accuracy
  • Good for 0-50°C temperature readings ±2°C accuracy

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Packages includes:-

  • 1 x DHT11 Sensor Module with LED.


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