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Grove Buzzer


This Grove ? Buzzer v1.2 module has a piezo buzzer as its main component. The piezo element makes a clicking sound each time when it is pulsed with current. If we pulse it at the right frequency (for example, 440 times per second to make the note middle A), these frequent clicks will run together to produce a little melody.

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The Grove Buzzer, a straightforward yet versatile electronic component, is created to produce audible sounds when an electrical signal is applied. Its wide usage across various applications is attributed to its user-friendly nature and compatibility with well-established development platforms.


  • Voltage Range: The Grove Buzzer typically operates on a voltage range of 3.3V to 5V, suiting most common microcontrollers and development boards.
  • Sound Output: It can produce sound in a frequency range of approximately 2,000 to 5,000 Hertz (Hz), suitable for generating various tones and alerts.
  • Operating Current: The Grove Buzzer typically consumes an operating current ranging from 4mA to 6mA, making it an energy-efficient choice for sound generation.


  • Alarm Systems: Because it commonly alerts users in alarm systems for security breaches, fire, or critical events.
  • Home Automation: It seamlessly fits into various devices, including home automation systems, for issuing audible notifications.
  • Notification Functionality: It’s particularly useful for informing users about events like doorbell rings or incoming text message alerts.
  • Educational Settings: Instructors use it in educational settings to teach students about sound, electronics, and programming.
  • Interactive Projects: It’s a versatile tool for developing interactive projects.
  • Industrial Environments: Factories and industrial settings use buzzers for signaling processes and alerting workers to hazards.
  • Electronic Games and Toys: Moreover, it enhances user experiences in electronic games and toys with sound effects
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  • Musical Projects: Creative individuals experiment with tones and melodies, incorporating the Buzzer into music projects.
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