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8-Channel 5V IR Relay



  • This 5V 8 Channel IR Wireless Relay Module with Remote Control is a 8 channel latching relay module.
  • The module comes equipped with suitable remote control.
  • It also can drive most household electrical appliances.
  • The operating voltage for this module is 5VDC.

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The 8-Channel 5V IR Relay is an essential electronic component that acts as an interface between microcontrollers or other low-voltage devices and high-power appliances.

The 5V IR Relay Module can control high-power devices (up to the relay’s rated capacity) using a low-power signal from microcontrollers or sensors.
It acts as a switch, allowing you to control appliances, motors, lights, and other electrical devices.

Designed to operate at a low voltage (5V), so it consumes minimal power to activate the relay, making it energy-efficient and suitable for battery-powered applications.

Widely used in home automation, robotics, industrial automation, and electronic projects.
It enables the automation of various devices and processes, enhancing efficiency and convenience.

The relay provides electromagnetic isolation between the low-voltage control circuit and the high-voltage load, ensuring the safety of the controlling devices and preventing electrical interference.

Capable of handling high currents and voltages, because making it suitable for controlling heavy appliances, HVAC systems, and industrial machinery.

Equipped with an LED indicator that provides visual feedback, indicating the relay’s activation status.
This feature enhances user interface and troubleshooting.

Constructed with high-quality materials, because the relay module ensures durability and long-lasting performance, even in continuous operation and harsh environments.

The module is designed for so easy installation and wiring.
It typically features screw terminals or pin headers, allowing convenient connections without soldering and saving time during assembly.


    1. Home Automation: Used to control home appliances such as lights, fans, garage doors, and air conditioners remotely, enabling smart home automation.

    2. Industrial Automation: Integrated into industrial and control systems to automate machinery, conveyor belts, pumps, and motors.

    3. Robotics: Employed in robotics projects to control robotic arms, grippers, and other mechanical components, enabling precise and coordinated movements.

    4. Security Systems: Integrated into security systems to control door locks.

    5. HVAC Systems: Used in heating, ventilation, and so air conditioning (HVAC) systems to control compressors, fans, and dampers.

    6. Automotive Applications: Integrated into automotive systems for controlling lights, windshield wipers, and other electrical components.

    7. DIY Electronics: Utilized in various DIY electronics projects and prototypes.

    In summary, 8-Channel 5V IR Relay offers a so reliable and efficient solution for controlling high-power devices in diverse applications.
    Its low-power control, high switching capacity, and easy integration make it a fundamental component in the world of electronics and automation.


  • Work status: Self-locking
  • Dedicated remote.
  • Indicator LEDs.
  • Ideal for home automation.

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Package Includes:

  • 1 x 8-Channel 5V IR Relay

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