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140 ohm resistors


What is a resistor?

A resistor is an electrical component that limits or regulates the flow of electrical current in an electronic circuit. Resistors can also be used to provide a specific voltage for an active device such as a transistor.

All other factors being equal, in a direct-current (DC) circuit, the current through a resistor is inversely proportional to its resistance, and directly proportional to the voltage across it. This is the well-known Ohm’s Law. In alternating-current (AC) circuits, this rule also applies as long as the resistor does not contain inductance or capacitance.

Types of resistors

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Enter the realm of 140-ohm resistors, unassuming yet indispensable electronic components that wield a powerful influence in various applications. These resistors are known for their precise resistance values, which enable them to control current and voltage with accuracy.


  • Precise Resistance: The 140-ohm resistors offer precise resistance values, ensuring consistent current control.
  • Tolerance Rating: Typically featuring a 5% tolerance rating, they maintain accuracy within a specified range.
  • Compact Size: Their small form factor allows easy integration into electronic circuits.
  • Axial Lead Design: Designed with axial leads for secure through-hole mounting on PCBs.
  • Reliability: Exhibiting stable resistance values across a wide temperature range.
  • Cost-Efficiency: An economical choice for various electronic applications.


  • Voltage Division: Likewise, 140-ohm resistors function as voltage dividers, enabling precise voltage regulation in circuits.
  • Current Limiting: Additionally, they effectively limit current flow, safeguarding components like LEDs from excessive current.
  • Signal Filtering: Moreover, an essential component in filtering out noise and unwanted signals in audio and power supply circuits.
  • Signal Shaping: Used to shape signal waveforms in amplifier and waveform generator circuits for enhanced signal fidelity.
  • Pull-Down Resistors: Moreover, they act as pull-down resistors in digital logic circuits, contributing to circuit stability.

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