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LM339 IC DIP-14 Package (LM339)



  • IC Name: LM339 IC
  • Package/Case: DIP-14

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Introducing the LM339 IC, a cornerstone in the world of electronics, enclosed in the widely used DIP-14 package.
Renowned for its versatility, the LM339 is a quad voltage comparator that finds its application in various circuits, but making it an indispensable component in the toolkit of electronic enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Transitioning to its core features, the LM339 IC incorporates four independent voltage comparators within its compact DIP-14 package.
This distinctive configuration empowers the LM339 to adeptly compare multiple input voltage signals, delivering precise output signals based on these comparisons.
This flexibility makes it a preferred choice in applications where accurate voltage monitoring is paramount.

Moreover, the DIP-14 package enhances the LM339 IC’s accessibility for integration into electronic circuits.
With its dual in-line form, this package simplifies the mounting process on printed circuit boards (PCBs), streamlining connectivity and but ensuring organized arrangements within electronic systems.

In functionality, the LM339 excels as a voltage comparator, so capable of managing diverse input signals.
Its prowess extends to applications such as waveform shaping, oscillators, and voltage-controlled systems, highlighting its versatility across a spectrum of electronic projects.

Furthermore, the LM339 IC stands out for its adaptability to varying voltage and temperature conditions, guaranteeing so reliability in different operational environments.
This adaptability positions the LM339 as a suitable choice for an array of applications, from simple hobbyist projects to complex industrial systems.

Features :-

    • Wide supply voltage range
    • Very low supply current drain (0.8 mA) — independent of supply voltage
    • Low input biasing current: 25 nA
    • Low input offset current: ±5 nA
    • Offset voltage: ±3 mV
    • Input common-mode voltage range includes GND
    • Differential input voltage range equal to the power supply voltage
    • Low output saturation voltage: 250 mV at 4 mA
    • Output voltage compatible with TTL, DTL, ECL, MOS and CMOS logic systems

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Package Includes:

  • 1 x LM339 IC DIP-14 Package (LM339).


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