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40pin IC Base (2 pcs)



  • Overall height above PCB  : 4.80mm
  • PCB hole required              : 0.60mm
  • Pitch Width                         : 7.62mm
  • Pin Pitch                             : 2.54mm
  • Number of Pins                  : 40 pins


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Introducing the 40pin IC Base (2 pcs) , a fundamental component that serves as a key building block in the realm of electronics and integrated circuits.
This IC base is meticulously designed to provide a secure and reliable platform for inserting and connecting integrated circuits.

Transitioning to its core features, the 40pin IC Base (2 pcs) accommodates integrated circuits with 28 pins, offering a standardized and widely adopted format.
Its compatibility with a diverse range of ICs makes it a so versatile choice for circuit but designers and electronic.
The precision molding of the base provides a snug fit for the integrated circuit, so maintaining proper alignment.
Its straightforward layout but simplifies the insertion and removal of integrated circuits.

Furthermore, the IC base seamlessly interfaces with other electronic components, such as microcontrollers, sensors, and other integrated circuits.

Practically speaking, this IC base plays a crucial role in so facilitating the interchangeability of integrated circuits.
It allows for easy replacement or upgrading of ICs without the need for soldering, but making the prototyping and testing phases of electronic projects more efficient.


  1. 28 pins.
  2. JDEC compliant.
  3. Molded notch for proper orientation.
  4. Easy to insert and remove ICs.

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Package Includes:

  • 1 x 28pin dip IC Base (2 pcs).


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