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470 uF 50 V Capacitor(5 pcs)



  • Capacitance: 470 microfarads (µF), offering substantial charge storage capacity.
  • Voltage Rating: 50 volts (V), suitable for a wide range of voltage requirements.
  • Type: Electrolytic capacitor known for high capacitance and efficiency.
  • Applications: Ideal for various electronic circuits, including power supply filtering and energy storage.
  • Versatile Component: Enhances electronic projects, ensuring stable power and efficient voltage regulation.

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The 470uF 50V Capacitor is an integral electronic component known for its ability to store and release electrical energy.
With a capacitance of 470 microfarads and a voltage rating of 50V.The 470 uF capacitance value signifies the capacitor’s ability to store a substantial amount of charge, while the 50V voltage rating indicates its capacity to handle electrical potentials up to 50 volts safely.

Features :-

  • Capacitance: 470 microfarads (uF)
  • Voltage Rating: 50 volts (V)
  • Type: Electrolytic capacitor
  • Size: Typically cylindrical, with dimensions varying based on manufacturer and series
  • Polarity: Electrolytic capacitors are polarized, meaning they have a positive and negative terminal. It’s crucial to observe the correct polarity during installation.
  • Temperature Range: Operating temperature ranges can vary but are typically around -40°C to +85°C.


  • Power Supply Filtering: These capacitors commonly find use in power supply circuits, where they smooth and filter voltage, reducing ripple and ensuring a stable power supply for electronic components.
  • Audio Amplifiers: In audio circuits, capacitors contribute to noise filtration and audio signal stabilization, ultimately enhancing sound quality.
  • Timing Circuits: Capacitors, often in conjunction with resistors, play a role in timing circuits for various applications, including oscillators and pulse generators.
  • Motor Starters: Engineers frequently employ electrolytic capacitors in motor starters and phase shift circuits to manage motor initiation and operation.
  • Decoupling: These capacitors serve the purpose of decoupling, isolating one circuit portion from another to avert interference or noise.
  • DC-DC Converters: In DC-DC converter circuits, electrolytic capacitors contribute to voltage regulation and ensure efficient power conversion.
  • Automotive Electronics: Capacitors are integral to various automotive electronics applications, encompassing in-car entertainment systems, lighting, and engine control units.

In summary, the 470 microfarad 50V capacitor’s unique combination of capacitance and voltage rating renders it highly adaptable across an array of applications, spanning power supply filtering and audio enhancement.

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Package Includes :-

  • 5 x 470uf-50v-capacitor.


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