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1000 µF – 25v capacitor (5 pcs)



  • Capacitance: 1000 microfarads (µF), providing ample charge storage capacity.
  • Voltage Rating: 25 volts (V), suitable for a wide range of voltage requirements.
  • Quantity: Set of five capacitors, offering flexibility in electronic projects.
  • Type: Electrolytic capacitors known for efficiency in high capacitance applications.
  • Versatile Application: Enhances electronic circuits, providing stability, energy storage, and filtering for various projects.

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Introducing the versatile and efficient 1000 µF – 25v capacitor (5 pcs), available in a convenient set of five pieces. These capacitors are a crucial addition to your electronics toolkit because they offer outstanding capacitance and voltage capabilities, and they can significantly improve various electronic circuits and projects.

Capacitance and Voltage:
As for capacitance and voltage, each capacitor in this set boasts a capacitance of 1000 microfarads (µF). Consequently, this ensures ample charge storage capacity, because which is vital for applications demanding energy storage, and filtering, and stability. Furthermore, their rated voltage of 25 volts (V) allows them to handle a wide range of voltage requirements, because providing consistent and reliable operation.


  • High capacitance: 1000µF
  • Voltage rating: 25V
  • Electrolytic type
  • Correct polarity required
  • Versatile cylindrical shape


  • Energy Storage Solutions
  • Voltage Regulation and Stability
  • Efficient Lighting
  • Motor Starting Efficiency
  • Precise Timing
  • Audio Clarity
  • Power Supply Enhancement

In conclusion, the 1000 µF – 25V capacitors, available in a set of five, are essential components that enhance electronic circuits and projects. Because of their exceptional capacitance and voltage ratings, as a result, they contribute to stable power supplies, clear audio amplification, precise timing, efficient motor operation, and improved lighting systems. Additionally, they play a crucial role in voltage regulation and energy storage. Incorporating these capacitors into your electronics ensures enhanced performance and functionality.

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Package Includes:

  • 1 x 1000 µF – 25v capacitor (5 pcs).


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