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Insulation Tapes-5Pcs




  • 8 Meter 0.130 mm X 18 mm Self Adhesive PVC Electrical Insulation Tape-Colored Pack of 5 Pieces.
  • Glossy finish/Soft tape.
  • suitably plasticized and stabilized.
  • One sided coating of rubber-based, pressure sensitive adhesives
  • These tapes are used in electrical applications.
  • It is beneficial in wrapping wires and other domestic electrical appliances for safety purposes.

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Insulation Tapes-5Pcs are essential tools for various applications:


    • Versatile Tools: Insulation Tapes-5Pcs serve as essential tools for various applications:
    • Diverse Uses: Their versatility allows for a wide range of applications, including electrical work and crafting projects.
    • Premium Quality: Crafted from top-notch materials, they ensure excellent insulation and enduring performance.
    • Durability and Longevity: These tapes endure harsh conditions and maintain performance over time.
    • Efficient Electrical Insulation: They effectively insulate wires and connections, ensuring electrical safety.
    • Resilience to Weather: Additionally, these tapes withstand diverse weather conditions, both indoors and outdoors.
    • User-Friendly Application: Because their thoughtfully designed, user-friendly features simplify the application process, ensuring that even those with minimal experience can apply them easily and effectively.
    • Strong Adhesion in Demanding Environments: Thanks to their strong adhesive properties, these tapes firmly adhere to surfaces even in the most demanding environments, providing reliable insulation and protection.
    • Versatility in Size Options: Additionally, available in an array of different sizes, they cater to diverse needs, offering flexibility for tasks ranging from small household fixes to more extensive industrial projects, allowing you to choose precisely the right size for your requirements.
    • Cost-Efficient Solution Without Compromises: Moreover, they provide a cost-efficient insulation solution without compromising on quality, ensuring that you get both affordability and high-performance insulation for your various projects.

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Packages includes:-

      • 1 x Insulation Tapes-5Pcs

Weight 0.25 kg


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