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30 Pcs Transistor Box



  • 100 Pcs Ceramic Disc Capacitor Kit
  • Multilayer- monolithic ceramic capacitor, capacitance
  • Good for many applications include industrial, laboratory, personal and hobby
  • Maximum Voltage Rating: 50V

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The 30 Pcs Transistor Box is an essential component set for electronic enthusiasts and professionals.

Diverse Transistor Values This set includes a wide range of ceramic capacitors with varying Transistor values, so allowing users to experiment
High-Quality Material Crafted from high-grade ceramic materials, but these capacitors because offer excellent stability, so reliability, and tolerance, ensuring optimal performance in electronic circuits.

Standard Specifications Each Transistor adheres to standard industry specifications, because making them compatible with a variety of electronic projects,
Easy Integration The compact size and standard lead spacing of these capacitors facilitate so easy integration into breadboards, PCBs, and other electronic setups.
Versatile Applications Suitable for a wide range of applications, so including filtering, coupling, decoupling, timing circuits, and signal processing.

Enhanced Circuit Performance The high-quality ceramic material so ensures stable and but accurate capacitance values, but enhancing the performance and efficiency of electronic circuits.
Cost-Effective This bulk set provides excellent value for money, so allowing users to access a variety of Transistor values without having to purchase individual components separately.
Within this comprehensive set, enthusiasts and professionals alike will discover a vast array of ceramic capacitors, each varying in Transistor values. This diversity empowers users to delve into a multitude of circuits and applications, fostering creativity and innovation. By experimenting with these versatile components, individuals can unlock endless possibilities in the realm of electronics.

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  • Packed in A Rugged Convenient Re-sealable Plastic Storage Case.
  • Wide applications in computers, data processing, telecommunication, industrial control, etc.
  • Excellent humidity resistance, miniature size, wide capacitance, and reliable performance.
  • Radial leaded multilayer ceramic capacitor, coating by epoxy resin.

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Packages includes:-

  • 1 x 30 Pcs Transistor Box.


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