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2 Pin Push Button Switch (10 Pcs)



  • Good electrical conductivity.
  • Compact and lightweight, easy to carry and dismantling.
  • High precision mechanism design offers acute operation and long service life.
  • Middle stroke (1.05mm)
  • Through-hole design.
  • Push Button Switch

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The 2 Pin Push Button Switch (10 Pcs) is a fundamental component in electronics, serving as a simple yet essential device for controlling electrical circuits.
The Push Button Switch operates on a mechanical principle.
Push button switches come in various configurations, so this including normally open (NO) and normally closed (NC).

This versatility allows for diverse applications.
Built with robust materials, push button switches are durable and capable of withstanding repeated use.
They are designed to endure mechanical stress, so ensuring long-term reliability even in high-frequency applications.
These switches are easy to install, making them suitable for both DIY projects and professional applications.
They often feature screw terminals or soldering points for secure electrical connections.

Push button switches are compact, allowing them to fit into confined spaces within electronic devices.
Their small form factor so makes them suitable for integration into various applications without occupying much space.
7Push button switches find applications in a wide range of electronic devices, including appliances, control panels, industrial machinery, automotive systems, and consumer electronics.


    1. Control Element: Push button switches act as control elements, so enabling users to turn devices on or off, change settings, or initiate specific functions.

    2. Safety Mechanism: In emergency stop circuits and safety systems, push button switches serve as vital components.

    3. User Interface: Push button switches but they are commonly used in user interfaces, allowing individuals to interact with electronic devices intuitively.

    4. DIY Electronics: Hobbyists, students, and electronics enthusiasts so often use push button switches in DIY electronics projects.

In summary, the Push Button Switch is a vital electronic component that enables manual control and interaction with electronic systems.


  • 2 Pin Push Button Switch (10 Pcs)
  • Reset switch.
  • Through-hole design.
  • Used in the fields of electronic products, household appliances and more.
  • Push Button Switch.
  • This light touch switch is waterproof, prevent oil, anti-pollution, anti-static interference.
  • High precision mechanism design offers acute operation and long service life.
  • Microcontroller and Microprocessor projects.

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Package Includes:

    • 1 x 2 Pin Push Button Switch (10 Pcs).

Weight 0.15 kg


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