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Micro USB A to Micro USB B Cable


  • Perfect fit for your Arduino Nano Boards.
  • Length: 30cm / 0.3 meter
  • MINI USB Cable for Arduino NANO
  • Material: PVC.
  • Package Include 1 x Mini USB Cable

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Nano cables, also known as nanoscale cables or nanowires, refer to extremely thin and miniature cables or wires that are constructed at the nanometer scale. These cables are characterized by their incredibly small dimensions, often with diameters in the range of nanometers, which is roughly 1,000 times thinner than a human hair.


Electronics: Because of the drive advanced electronics, enabling smaller, efficient nanoelectronic circuits.

Sensors: Additionally used in highly sensitive sensors for precise environmental monitoring and medical diagnostics.

Energy Storage: They enhance batteries and supercapacitors with higher energy storage and fast charging.

Optoelectronics: Improve LED and solar cell efficiency with nanoscale light processing.

Biotechnology: Enable precise drug delivery, bioimaging, and cell manipulation in medical and biotech research.


Tiny Size: The Nano cables integrate seamlessly into nanoscale systems and devices.

High Surface Area: Boost effectiveness in surface-related applications like sensors and catalysts.

Outstanding Conductivity: Excellent electrical conductivity in conductive nano cables crucial for electronics and energy storage.

Tailorable Properties: Customize properties like conductivity and flexibility, and strength also to meet specific needs.

Versatility: Nano cables can adapt to diverse industries, from electronics and energy to biotechnology and materials science.

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