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Desoldering Pump Solder Sucker


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  • High Suction Power
  • Anti-Static Design
  • Heat-Resistant Nozzle
  • One-Handed Operation
  • Quick Release Mechanism

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The ECSTATIC Desoldering Pump stands as a remarkable tool in the realm of electronics, revered for its precision and efficiency in desoldering tasks. Its advanced features and versatile applications make it an indispensable companion for professionals and hobbyists alike.


  • High Suction Power: The ECSTATIC Desoldering Pump boasts exceptional suction power, ensuring the efficient removal of solder from electronic components.
  • Anti-Static Design: Its anti-static properties prevent the buildup of static electricity, safeguarding delicate components from damage.
  • Heat-Resistant Nozzle: The heat-resistant nozzle allows for prolonged use without deformation, maintaining consistent performance.
  • One-Handed Operation: Additionally ,designed for easy one-handed operation, it allows users to work efficiently and comfortably.
  • Quick Release Mechanism: The quick-release mechanism expedites the removal of solder waste, reducing downtime between desoldering tasks.


  • Electronics Repair: Moreover, ideal for professionals and DIY enthusiasts, the ECSTATIC Desoldering Pump excels in the repair and maintenance of electronic devices, such as circuit boards and soldered components.
  • Soldering Projects: Additionally, it is a valuable tool for those involved in soldering projects, allowing for the correction of soldering mistakes and component replacements.
  • Circuit Board Assembly: Likewise, its precision and ease of use are advantageous in circuit board assembly, ensuring solder connections meet high-quality standards.

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Packages includes:-

  • 1 x ECSTATIC Desoldering Pump


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