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12V 1A Step Down Transformer


0-12 1A Step Down Transformer is a general purpose chassis mounting mains transformer. Transformer has 230V primary winding and non-center tapped secondary winding. The transformer has flying colored insulated connecting leads ( Approx 100 mm long ). The Transformer act as step down transformer reducing AC – 230V to AC – 12V.

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The 12V 1A Step Down Transformer versatility, efficiency, and safety features make it a valuable component in a wide range of electronic and electrical applications, ensuring reliable power delivery and device protection.


  • Voltage Conversion: The 12V 1A Step Down Transformer efficiently converts higher voltages to a stable 12V output, suitable for lower voltage applications.
  • Robust Construction: Crafted with high-quality materials, this transformer ensures durability, enhancing long-term reliability in electrical circuits.
  • Efficient Power Supply: Because it delivers consistent and efficient power, minimizing voltage fluctuations for safe device operation.
  • Overcurrent Protection: Equipped with protective mechanisms,and also it guards against device damage caused by excessive current flow.


  • Battery Chargers: Essential in battery chargers and also it ensures safe and controlled battery charging across various devices.
  • Industrial Machinery: Used in industrial machinery and control systems, it maintains a steady 12V power supply.
  • Lighting Systems: Employed in architectural and landscape lighting, it provides reliable voltage for efficient illumination.
  • Security Systems: Powers security systems also including surveillance cameras, sensors, and access control devices.
  • Audio Systems: Provides necessary power for high-quality sound output in audio systems and amplifiers.
  • Telecommunications: Utilized in telecommunications equipment and networking devices to stabilize the power source.

Renewable Energy: Plays a role in renewable energy systems, such as solar and wind power setups, for voltage regulation during storage or distribution.

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