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CR2032 3V 225mAh Lithium Coin Cell Battery V (Pack of 5)



Type Coin Cell
Model CR2032
Nominal Voltage 3V
Rated Capacity 225 mAH
Temperature Range  -30 – +60 °C
Diameter 20 mm
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The CR2032 is a 3V 225mAh lithium coin cell battery known V for its compact size and reliable power supply. It belongs to the CR (Coin and Round) battery series and is widely used in various electronic devices. Despite its small form factor, the CR2032 packs a significant amount of energy, making it suitable for both low and moderate power consumption applications.


  • 3V Voltage:Also the CR2032 supplies a steady 3-volt output for consistent device power.
  • 225mAh Capacity: Because this battery boasts a 225mAh capacity, providing extended device operation.
  • Long Shelf Life: CR2032 lithium batteries offer prolonged shelf life, preserving capacity when stored correctly.
  • Compact Design: Its coin cell form suits small electronic devices with limited battery space.
  • eak-Resistant: Lithium batteries, like the CR2032, have leak-resistant designs, protecting devices.


  • Watches: CR2032 batteries are popular for wristwatches, combining longevity with compact size.
  • Calculators: Many handheld calculators rely on CR2032 batteries for efficient power.
  • Remote Controls: TV remotes and various devices use CR2032 batteries for reliable operation.
  • Key Fobs: Car key fobs and electronic door locks often employ CR2032 batteries for convenience and power.
  • Fitness Trackers: CR2032 batteries power fitness trackers and wearables, ensuring extended usage.
  • Small Electronics: Digital thermometers, sensors, and similar devices rely on CR2032 batteries for compact, reliable power.
  • Backup Memory: Some computer motherboards and devices use CR2032 batteries to maintain essential backup memory settings.
  • Toys: Certain electronic toys and novelty items seamlessly operate with CR2032 coin cell batteries.

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