18650 Rechargeble Li – ion battery


18650 Rechargeble Li – ion 3.7 V battery pack of 2

18650 Rechargeble Li – ion 3.7 V battery (pack of 2) for robotic applications. Very light weight and small size compareed to other batteries. This Li-ion cell is very small in size and weight compared to Ni-Cd, Ni-MH and Lead Acid Batteries. This battery will takes 90 minutes with special charger. Features and Specifications : 1. It is a Low maintainance battery. 2. Long lifr with full capacity for upto 1000 charge cycles. 3. 4.2V 2200mAh. 4. Higher Discharge current. 5. Diameter 18mm, height 65mm. 6. Weight 41 grams. 7. Maximum charging voltage 4.2 V. 8. Maximumm charging current 4200mA.

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