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CP2102 USB to TTL Convertor


CP2102 chip is a single chip USB to UART bridge IC. It requires minimal external components. CP2102 can be used to migrate legacy serial port based devices to USB.

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The CP2102 USB to TTL Converter earns its reputation as a versatile device celebrated for its compact design and seamless functionality, which has significantly boosted its popularity due to several key features and applications.


  • Compact Design: Renowned for its small form factor, making it ideal for space-constrained applications.
  • USB Connectivity: Offers seamless USB connectivity, enabling easy interfacing with various devices.
  • UART Communication: Facilitates data transfer between microcontrollers and computers, supporting UART communication.
  • Built-in EEPROM: Equipped with a built-in EEPROM to store configuration settings and customization options.
  • LED Indicators: Enhances user convenience with LED indicators providing visual feedback on power and data transmission.


  • Microcontroller Programming: The CP2102 finds extensive use in programming microcontrollers like Arduino and ESP8266, thanks to its UART support.
  • Serial Communication: Employed in projects requiring serial communication between devices such as GPS modules and sensors.
  • IoT Prototyping: Enthusiasts leverage its USB connectivity and compact size for prototyping IoT devices.
  • Industrial Automation: Plays a crucial role in industrial settings by connecting microcontrollers to PLCs and other industrial equipment.
  • Educational Purposes: Because its affordability and ease of use make it a popular choice for teaching electronics and embedded systems in
  • educational settings.
    In summary, the CP2102 USB to TTL Converter proves its value through its compact design, USB connectivity, UART support, EEPROM storage, and LED indicators.Because its applications span microcontroller programming, serial communication, IoT prototyping, industrial automation, and education.

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