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1k Ohm 0.25 Watt Resistor (10 Pcs)



  • Resistance: 1k Ohms
  • Product Category: Carbon Film Resistors – Through Hole
  • Power Rating: 250 mW (1/4 W)
  • Tolerance: 5 %

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A 1k Ohm 0.25 Watt Resistor (10 Pcs) represents a widely utilized and versatile electronic component.
Its 560-ohm resistance value empowers it to manage the flow of electrical current within electronic circuits, playing an essential role in regulating voltage and current levels this type of resistor finds use in various applications, such as voltage dividers, current limiters, signal conditioning circuits, and LED current limiting. Its precise resistance value and power rating are foundational for ensuring accurate and dependable operation in electronic devices and systems.


  • Highly reliable electrode construction
  • Compatible for all soldering processes
  • Highly stable in auto-placement surface mounting application
  • Barrier layer end termination
  • Resistance Value: This resistor holds a 560-ohm resistance, governing the regulation of electrical current flow within a circuit.
  • Power Rating: With a 1/4-watt rating, this resistor can safely dissipate up to 0.25 watts of electrical power as heat when current flows through it.


  • Voltage Dividers: 1k-ohm resistors are common in voltage divider circuits, facilitating the derivation of specific voltage levels from higher supply voltages.
  • Current Limiters: They serve to restrict the current passing through specific circuit segments, safeguarding components and ensuring controlled current flow.
  • Signal Conditioning: In electronic signal processing, these resistors are instrumental in modifying or conditioning input signals before further processing or transmission.
  • Filter Circuits: Because they assist in creating filter circuits designed to eliminate unwanted noise or shape signal frequencies.

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Packages includes:-

  • 1 x 1k Ohm 0.25 Watt Resistor (10 Pcs)

Weight 0.15 kg


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