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Arm 2148 Daughter Board for LPC2148 Development Board


LPC2148 is the widely used IC from ARM-7 family. It is manufactured by Philips and it is pre-loaded with many inbuilt peripherals making it more efficient and a reliable option for the beginners as well as high end application developer.

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The Arm 2148 Daughter Board for LPC2148 Development Board offers various features and applications, additionally making it a valuable addition to embedded systems development.


    • Seamless Compatibility: Because it pairs seamlessly with the LPC2148 Development Board, ensuring easy integration.
    • Enhanced Connectivity: Additionally it offers additional interfaces like USB, UART, and I2C, expanding peripheral connectivity.
    • Ample GPIO Pins: This provides flexibility in connecting external devices and sensors.
    • Programmability: Because users can program it using popular IDEs like Keil, simplifying code development and debugging.
    • Expandability: It supports various expansion modules and shields, so it allows users to extend its capabilities.


    • Embedded Systems Development: Ideal for IoT devices, automation, and robotics.
    • Sensor Integration: Enables sensor integration for data acquisition and monitoring.
    • Prototyping: Engineers and hobbyists can use it for testing and validating embedded system concepts.
    • Education: Serves as an educational tool for teaching embedded systems programming and microcontroller interfacing.
    • Industrial Automation: Suited for controlling and monitoring machinery and processes in industrial automation.


  • 8 to 40 kB of on-chip static RAM and 32 to 512 kB of on-chip flash program memory.128 bit wide interface/accelerator and enables high speed 60 MHz operation.
  • In-System/In-Application Programming (ISP/IAP) via on-chip boot-loader software. Single flash sector or full chip erase in 400 ms and programming of 256 bytes in 1ms.
  • Embedded ICE RT and Embedded Trace interfaces offer real-time debugging with the on-chip Real Monitor software and high speed tracing of instruction execution.
  • USB 2.0 Full Speed compliant Device Controller with 2 kB of endpoint RAM. In addition and the LPC2146/8 provides 8 kB of on-chip RAM accessible to USB by DMA.
  • One or two (LPC2141/2 vs. LPC2144/6/8) 10-bit A/D converters provide a total of 6/14analog inputs, with conversion times as low as 2.44 us per channel.
  • Single 10-bit D/A converter provides variable analog output. Two 32-bit timers/external event counters (with four capture and four compare channels each), PWM unit (six outputs) and watchdog.
  • Low power real-time clock with independent power and dedicated 32 kHz clock input.

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  • 1 x Arm 2148 Daughter Board for LPC2148 Development Board

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