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Data Logger module for Logging data Recorder Shield



  • A dedicated and well-designed data logging shield for Arduino.
  • It is easy to assemble and customize.
  • It also equipped with extensive documentation and libraries.
  • Works with Arduino UNO.

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“Introducing the ‘Data Logger Module for Logging Data Recorder Shield.’ This versatile module actively records and logs data with precision, making it an invaluable tool for a wide range of applications.

First and foremost, the Data Logger module boasts real-time data capture capabilities. Consequently, it efficiently collects and stores data, ensuring accurate and up-to-date records.

Moreover, it seamlessly interfaces with various sensors and instruments. This versatility allows it to log data from multiple sources, making it suitable for scientific research, environmental monitoring, and industrial applications.

Additionally, the module offers extensive storage capacity, ensuring uninterrupted data recording over extended periods. Its compatibility with memory expansion further enhances its capability.

Furthermore, it provides user-friendly programming options, making it accessible to both professionals and hobbyists. This adaptability ensures its relevance in diverse projects and industries.

In conclusion, the ‘Data Logger Module’ is a powerful tool for precise data recording and logging. Its real-time capabilities, versatility, and expansive storage make it a go-to choice for various data-related tasks and applications.”

Features :

  • Industrial and Scientific Applications
  • User-Friendly Programming
  • Extensive Storage Capacity
  • Versatile Sensor Compatibility
  • Real-Time Data Logging

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Package Includes :-

  • 1 x Data Logger module for Logging data Recorder Shield.

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