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Sound Detection Sensor Module


Sound Detection Module Sensor for Intelligent Vehicle Compatible With Arduino is a Single channel signal output Sensor. The output is effective to the low-level sound signal with good fidelity, When there is sound, outputs low level and signal light.

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The Sound Detection Sensor Module, often featuring the LM393 operational amplifier, is a versatile and user-friendly electronic component designed for sound-related applications. This module offers a range of essential features that make it valuable for various projects and industries.


  • Advanced Sound Sensing: The Sound Detection Sensor Module is your gateway to precise sound monitoring also it boasts adjustable sensitivity control, allowing users to fine-tune its response to various sound levels.
  • Enhanced Signal Processing: Harnessing the power of dual operational amplifiers (LM393),because this module offers an edge in signal processing.
  • Seamless Integration: With its digital output signal that switches from low to high upon detecting sound, this module harmonizes effortlessly with microcontrollers and digital systems.
  • Flexible Voltage Range: Operating seamlessly over a broad voltage range (typically 3.3V to 5V), this module adapts to different power supplies and microcontroller systems.


  • Sound-Activated Wonders: The Sound Detection Sensor Module powers sound-activated switches, allowing devices to respond precisely to sound levels.
  • Clap for Control: Clap switches become a reality with this module. Light and appliance control at your fingertips – or rather, your applause.
  • DIY Delights: DIY enthusiasts adore this module. Create sound-activated gadgets, toys, and customized projects, all powered by your ingenuity.
  • Smarter Homes: Elevate your home automation game. Because this module to trigger actions like lighting up rooms or playing music based on sound inputs.

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