Water Level Depth Detection Sensor for Arduino



  1. Operating voltage: DC3-5V
  2. Operating current: less than 20mA
  3. Sensor Type: Analog
  4. Detection Area: 40mmx16mm
  5. Operating temperature: 10℃-30℃
  6. Humidity: 10% -90% non-condensing

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The Water Level Depth Detection Sensor for Arduino has Operating voltage DC3-5V and Operating current less than 20mA. The Sensor is the Analog type which produces analog output signals according to the water pressure with its Detection Area of 40x16mm.

The Water Level Sensor is an easy-to-use and cost-effective with high level/drop recognition sensor by having a series of parallel wires exposed traces measure droplets/water volume in order to determine the water level.

Easy to complete water to analog signal conversion and output analog values can be directly read Arduino development board to achieve the level alarm effect.

Package Includes :

1 x Water Level Sensor Depth of Detection Water Sensor for Arduino


This High Sensitivity Water Sensor can easily change the water size to analog signal, and output analog value can directly be used in the program function, then to achieve the function of water level alarm.This item have low power consumption, and high sensitivity, which are the biggest characteristics of this module.The High Sensitivity Water Sensor can be compatible with Arduino UNO,Arduino mega2560,Arduino ADK etc.

Features :
Working voltage: 5V
Working Current: <20ma
Interface: Analog
Width of detection: 40mm?16mm
Working Temperature: 10?C~30?C
Weight: 3g
Size: 65mm?20mm?8mm
Arduino compatible interface
Low power consumption
High sensitivity
Output voltage signal: 0~4.2V

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