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1.Lifi-Transmitter and receiver

2.power supply-5-12v

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Li-Fi (LI – FI MODULE), short for Light Fidelity, is a cutting-edge communication technology that utilizes visible light to transmit data wirelessly. Unlike traditional Wi-Fi because it which uses radio waves, Li-Fi modules employ light signals for data transmission. Because this innovative technology offers several advantages, making it a promising choice for various applications.

Specifications of Li-Fi Modules:

    • Li-Fi modules can achieve data transfer rates of up to several gigabits per second because significantly faster than traditional Wi-Fi.
    • With minimal signal delay, Li-Fi ensures real-time communication so it making it ideal for applications requiring quick responses.
    • Li-Fi is highly secure since it doesn’t penetrate walls like radio waves because it reduce the risk of eavesdropping or interference.
    • Li-Fi operates in the visible light spectrum and eliminating interference from other RF devices and improving reliability.
    • Li-Fi modules can be integrated with existing Wi-Fi networks to provide a hybrid solution for improved connectivity.

Applications of Li-Fi Modules:

  • Li-Fi can provide highly accurate indoor positioning and revolutionizing navigation in environments like shopping malls and airports.
  • Because Li-Fi ensures reliable communication in industrial settings, supporting automation and remote monitoring.
  • Li-Fi can enhance classroom experiences by providing fast and secure internet access to students and teachers.

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Packages includes:-

        • LI – FI MODULE

Weight 0.25 kg


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