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Piezoelectric Sensor Transducer 35mmDia


  • Resonance Frequency: 4.6 Khz +/- 0.5 Khz
  • Resonance Impedance: 200 Ohms
  • Capacitance: 20nF +/- 30% at 1 Khz
  • Operating Temperature -20 C +70 C
  • Storage Temperature -30 C+80 C
  • Metal Material Brass
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Piezoelectric Sensor Transducer 35mmDia The Piezoelectric Sensor Transducer with a 35mm diameter is a pivotal component in the field of sensor technology, providing a versatile and efficient solution for converting mechanical vibrations into electrical signals.

Transitioning to its fundamental features, this transducer harnesses the piezoelectric effect to generate electrical charges in response to mechanical stress.
Its 35mm diameter enhances its sensitivity and responsiveness, but making it an ideal choice for applications ranging from acoustic pickups to vibration detection.

Moreover, the sensor’s adaptability is notable. With its compatibility and ease of integration, it serves as an essential tool in projects.

In terms of construction, the transducer boasts a compact and durable design. Its robust build ensures resilience against mechanical stressors and environmental conditions, but making it well-suited for applications where reliability is paramount.

Furthermore, the Piezoelectric Sensor Transducer seamlessly interfaces with various electronic circuits and systems.
This compatibility facilitates straightforward integration into a variety of setups, expanding its utility in diverse projects requiring precise sensing of mechanical vibrations.

In practical terms, the sensor’s role in converting mechanical vibrations into electrical signals adds a layer of functionality to electronic projects.
This capability is especially beneficial in scenarios where detecting or measuring vibrations is critical.

The transition from traditional vibration sensing methods to the piezoelectric precision provided by this transducer signifies a significant.
This shift is crucial in enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of electronic systems employing vibration detection.


  • Household Appliance Alarms
  • Watch Alarms
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Buzzers and Speakers
  • Toys and Games

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Packages includes:-

  • 1 x Piezoelectric Sensor Transducer 35mmDia.


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