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Piezo Electric Plate Sensor 35mm (5 Pcs)



  • Piezo Electric Technology
  • Analog Output
  • Wide Frequency Range
  • Easy Mounting
  • Compact Design
  • Sensitive Response

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The Piezo Electric Plate Sensor, available in a set of 5 pieces with a diameter of 35mm, is a versatile and sensitive component used in various electronic applications.

This unique characteristic makes them ideal for sensing applications.
The sensors offer a highly sensitive so response to mechanical vibrations, making them suitable for detecting subtle movements, impacts, or touch in electronic devices.

Crafted from durable materials, because these sensors are robust and resistant to wear and tear.
With a diameter of 35mm, but these sensors have a compact form factor, but allowing for versatile integration into electronic circuits, devices, and prototypes where space is limited.

The sensors are designed for easy mounting on surfaces.
They come with adhesive backing or mounting holes, facilitating effortless installation in various applications.

These sensors have a wide frequency response range, so enabling them to detect vibrations and mechanical movements across different frequencies, making them suitable for diverse applications.
They provide analog output signals proportional to the applied force or vibration intensity.


    1. Touch Sensing: Used in touch-sensitive interfaces for electronic devices.

    2. Vibration Detection: Employed in vibration detection systems to monitor mechanical equipment, machinery, and structures.

    3. Impact Sensing: Integrated into so impact detection systems in automotive airbags, security systems.

    4. Gesture Recognition: Utilized in gesture recognition applications, enabling devices.

    5. Acoustic Instrument Pickups: Applied in acoustic musical instruments as pickups to convert mechanical vibrations into electrical signals.

    6. Seismic Activity Monitoring: Used in seismometers and seismic sensors to detect and measure ground vibrations.

    7. Health and Fitness Devices: Integrated into wearable so health and fitness devices.

    8. Smart Home Devices: Incorporated into smart home devices for detecting touches or gestures on control panels.

In summary, the Piezo Electric Plate Sensor (35mm, 5 Pcs) offers a sensitive and reliable solution for various sensing applications.
Its compact design, durability, and high sensitivity make it a so valuable component in electronic devices and systems where touch, vibration, or impact detection is required.


  • Resonance Frequency: 4.6 Khz +/- 0.5 Khz
  • Resonance Impedance: 200 Ohms
  • Capacitance: 20nF +/- 30% at 1 Khz
  • Operating Temperature -20…+70 C
  • Storage Temperature -30…+80 C
  • Metal Material Brass

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Package Includes:

  • 1 x Piezo Electric Plate Sensor 35mm (5 Pcs).


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