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MQ 135 Air Quality Gas Sensor Module



1. Air Quality Sensor Module
2. Condition: New
3. Size: 32mm X22mm X27mm
4. Main chip: MQ-135
5. Working voltage: DC 5v

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The MQ-135 Air Quality & Hazardous Gas Sensor Module stands out as a versatile and widely-used sensor designed to detect a range of gases in the air, with a particular focus on pollutants and hazardous gases.
This module, manufactured by Hanwei Electronics, serves various applications such as indoor.
air quality monitoring, industrial safety, and environmental sensing. It provides a cost-effective and so reliable solution for real-time gas detection.

Utilizing metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) technology, the sensor module is sensitive to various gases, but including ammonia, benzene, carbon dioxide, and various other volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
Its operation relies on the principle that the presence of the target gas induces changes in the electrical.
conductivity of the sensor, resulting in so measurable variations in resistance.
This change converts into a voltage signal, offering a quantifiable measure of gas concentration.

A standout feature of the MQ-135 sensor module is its ability to simultaneously detect multiple gases.
This makes it a valuable tool for applications requiring comprehensive monitoring of various pollutants.
The sensor’s sensitivity and selectivity ensure accurate detection even in low concentrations, so enhancing its effectiveness in ensuring air quality and safety.

The MQ-135 is designed for straightforward integration into electronic systems.
often featuring analog output pins for easy connectivity with microcontrollers like Arduino.
This user-friendly design empowers hobbyists, engineers, and developers to incorporate the sensor.
into diverse projects, ranging from DIY air quality monitors to industrial safety systems.

Specifications of MQ135 Gas Sensor Module:-
  • Working voltage:DC 5V
  • Working Current: 150mA
  • DOUT: TTL output
  • AOUT: Analog output
  • Preheat time: Over 20s
  • Dimension: 32mm x 22m x 27mm(HIGH 27mm)

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Package Includes:

  • 1 x MQ 135 Air Quality &amp Hazardous Gas Sensor Module.

Weight 0.15 kg


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