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LM393 Sound Detection Sensor Module


LM393 Sound Detection Sensor Module for Arduino detects whether the sound has exceeded a threshold value. The sound is detected via a microphone and fed into an LM393 op-amp.

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The LM393 Sound Detection Sensor Module is a compact electronic device designed to detect sound and convert it into electrical signals. This sensor module is widely used in various applications to sense sound.


  • Precise Sound Sensitivity Control: Tailor responses to varying sound levels also ensuring versatility in sound detection.
  • Dual Operational Amplifiers: Because it incorporates dual LM393 amplifiers for robust signal processing, amplification, and conditioning.
  • Intuitive LED Indicator: Visual feedback upon sound detection aids monitoring and simplifies debugging.
  • Seamless Digital Output: Converts sound to a digital signal and also ideal for microcontroller and digital system integration.
  • Broad Voltage Range: Operates from 3.3V to 5V, enhancing compatibility with diverse power supplies and microcontrollers.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Features VCC, GND, and OUT pins, making it effortlessly connectable for various projects.


    • Sound-Activated Switches: Empowers devices to respond to specific sound levels, perfect for sound-activated switches.
    • Enhanced Security Systems: Integration triggers alarms or surveillance cameras in response to unusual sounds.
    • Voice-Activated Devices: Used in voice-activated appliances, enhancing user convenience and interaction.
    • Clap Switches: Enables control of lights or appliances through clapping sounds.
    • Interactive Art: Utilized by artists to create audio-responsive artworks and exhibits.
    • DIY Electronics: Popular among hobbyists for DIY projects also like sound-activated gadgets and toys.
    • Home Automation: Seamlessly integrated into home automation systems for sound-triggered actions.
    • Industrial Use: Essential in industrial environments for safety, quality control, and process monitoring.

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