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PCB Mounted Active Buzzer


This PCB Mounted Active Buzzer Module can produce a range of sound tones depending on the input frequency, i.e it can generate tones between 1.5 to 2.5 kHz by switching it on and off at different frequencies either using delays or PWM.

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PCB Mounted Active Buzzer is an electronic component renowned for its utility in generating audible sounds. Because it is valued for its active functionality and finds application in various fields due to its versatility.


  • Sound Generation: The PCB Mounted Active Buzzer actively generates sound when an electrical signal triggers it.
  • Voltage Range: It operates effectively within a voltage range of 3V to 12V, so making it adaptable to a wide array of electronic systems and devices.
  • Sound Output: The buzzer produces sound in the audible frequency range and typically between 2,000 and 5,000 Hertz (Hz).
  • Mounting: As the name suggests, it’s designed for easy integration onto PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards), simplifying the assembly process.
  • Size and Form Factor: It comes in various sizes and form factors to accommodate different design requirements.


  • PCB Mounted Active Buzzers play a crucial role in security systems by actively alerting users to breaches and intrusions.
  • Consumer electronics, such as home appliances and gadgets and integrate these buzzers to provide audible feedback.
  • Within industrial automation,because these buzzers actively signal process completion or indicate malfunctions.
  • In the medical field, various devices employ them to alert healthcare professionals or patients to critical events or alarms.
  • Vehicles utilize PCB Mounted Active Buzzers as active indicators for various functions.
  • Telecommunications equipment employs them for audible signal indications.
  • Additionally, gaming consoles and musical instruments feature these buzzers to create active sound effects.

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Packages includes:-

  • 1 x PCB Mounted Active Buzzer

Weight 0.2 kg


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