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Thermoelectric Peltier Refrigeration Cooling System



  • Voltage Requirements
  • Compact Design
  • Temperature Range
  • Efficiency
  • Operating Principle
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The Thermoelectric Peltier Refrigeration Cooling System utilizes the Peltier effect, where passing an electric current through two different conductors generates heating or cooling. This technology stands out for its compact size, simplicity, and versatility in both cooling and heating applications.


  • Operating Principle: Because this cooling system relies on the thermoelectric effect, where a voltage difference across the conductors causes heat absorption at one junction and heat dissipation at the other.
  • Efficiency: It offers efficient and precise temperature control with a coefficient of performance (COP) typically ranging from 0.5 to 1.0.
  • Temperature Range: Thermoelectric Peltier systems can achieve temperature differentials between 30°C and 70°C, depending on the model and configuration.
  • Compact Design: These systems are compact, lightweight, and Additionally have no moving parts, making them highly reliable and low-maintenance.
  • Voltage Requirements: Most units operate on 12V or 24V DC power sources, making them suitable for various applications.


  • Electronics Cooling: They are commonly used for cooling electronic components, so such as CPUs and laser diodes, to prevent overheating.
  • Food and Beverage: Peltier coolers can maintain the temperature of food and beverages in portable coolers and refrigerators.
  • Medical Devices: Because they are employed in medical equipment like blood analyzers and temperature-sensitive storage.
  • Climate Control: Used in small-scale climate control systems for maintaining stable temperatures in enclosures.
  • Instrumentation: Additionally it is ideal for precise temperature control in laboratory equipment and analytical instruments.
  • Automotive: Utilized for cooling and heating seats, cup holders, and small storage compartments in vehicles.

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Packages includes:-

  • 1 x Thermoelectric Peltier Refrigeration Cooling System


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