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L293D Motor Driver Module




  • Bidirectional motor control for versatile applications.
  • Integrated H-bridge driver for precise control.
  • Built-in diodes protect circuits from damage.
  • Compact design ensures easy integration.
  • Suitable for robotics, RC vehicles, and more.

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The L293D Motor Driver Module is an essential component for controlling DC motors and stepper motors in various electronic projects. Designed to provide bidirectional drive currents for two motors simultaneously, this module offers robust performance and versatility. With its integrated L293D H-bridge driver, it can control the direction and speed of motors with ease, making it ideal for applications requiring precise motor control.

Equipped with built-in flyback diodes, the L293D Motor Driver Module ensures protection against back electromotive force (EMF), safeguarding connected circuits from potential damage. Its compact form factor and simple interface make it suitable for a wide range of projects, from robotics and automation to hobbyist electronics. Whether you’re building a robot, RC car, or automated machinery, this module provides the necessary motor control capabilities to bring your projects to life.

With its high efficiency and reliability, the L293D Motor Driver Module is suitable for various applications, including educational projects, DIY electronics, and prototyping. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced maker, this module offers an efficient solution for motor control in your electronic designs.

Features: –

  • Bidirectional drive currents for two motors.
  • Integrated L293D H-bridge driver for control.
  • Built-in flyback diodes for protection.
  • Compact form factor for easy integration.
  • Simple interface for straightforward operation.

Applications: –

  • Robotics projects requiring motor control.
  • RC cars and vehicles for hobbyists.
  • Automated machinery and industrial applications.
  • Educational projects for teaching motor control.
  • Prototyping and DIY electronics experimentation.

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Package Includes:

  • 1 x 2 Channel 5V Relay Module with Optocoupler


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