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Quick Overview:

  • Voltage Range
  • Adjustable Output
  • Step-Down Function
  • Potentiometer Control
  • Versatile Application

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The LM2596 HV DC-DC Buck Converter Adjustable Module and the LM2596 HV DC-DC Buck Converter 4.5-40V to 3-35V Adjustable Step Down Module offer a versatile, reliable solution for precise voltage regulation in electronic applications. Whether you need to step down voltage from a wide range of input sources or adjust output voltage to suit specific requirements, these modules deliver efficient performance and flexibility. Ideal for various projects, they provide stable and adjustable voltage output, making them essential components for electronics enthusiasts and professionals alike.


  • Wide Input Voltage Range: Because the LM2596 HV DC-DC Buck Converter Module handles a broad input voltage range, making it compatible with diverse power sources.
  • Adjustable Output: You can fine-tune the output voltage, meeting precise project requirements.
  • Efficient Buck Conversion: By employing buck conversion technology because of this module minimizes power loss and heat generation.
  • Current Protection: because safeguards circuits and devices from overloading and short circuits with built-in current protection.
  • Compact Design: Its compact and lightweight design easily integrates into space-constrained projects.


  • Power Supply: Because this module serves as a stable, adjustable voltage power supply for various electronic devices and circuits.
  • Battery Charging: It efficiently charges batteries and ensures the correct voltage for optimal charging.
  • LED Lighting: Ideal for powering and controlling LED lighting, adjusting brightness levels as needed.
  • Arduino and Raspberry Pi Projects: Makers and developers frequently incorporate it into projects, enabling precise voltage regulation for sensors, displays, and peripherals.
  • Automotive Electronics: It powers and regulates voltage for car audio systems, GPS units, and interior lighting in automotive applications.
  • Renewable Energy Systems: Used to manage and control voltage in solar panel and wind turbine installations, aiding renewable energy systems.

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