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Snap 9V Battery Clip Connector



  • Connector Type
  • Polarity
  • Wire Gauge
  • Terminal Compatibility
  • Wire Length
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The Snap 9V Battery Clip Connector serves as a specific connector type designed for attaching to a 9V battery’s terminals. Users commonly utilize these connectors across various electronic applications, providing a simple and secure means to connect a 9V battery to devices or circuits. Below, you will find specifications and applications linked to this connector:


  • Connector Type: Because the Snap 9V Battery Clip Connector consists of a plastic housing with two metal clips or snaps that securely attach to the battery’s terminals.
  • Wire Length: Likewise the connector generally includes wires of a specified length, with variations available to suit specific applications.
  • Terminal Compatibility: Engineers design these connectors to align with the standard terminals of a 9V battery, additionally ensuring a secure and reliable connection.
  • Wire Gauge: While the wire gauge may vary, it is typically selected to meet the current requirements of the connected device or circuit.
  • Polarity: The connector features clearly marked positive and negative wires or clips to ensure the correct battery polarity.


  • Toys and Gadgets: Because these connectors are routine in the broad spectrum of battery-powered toys, remote controls, and electronic gadgets.
  • Educational Kits: Educational electronic kits often include snap connectors as instructional tools, imparting fundamental electronics knowledge to students.
  • Prototyping: Engineers and hobbyists depend on these connectors during the prototyping phase of electronic circuits.

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Packages includes:-

  • 1 x Snap 9V Battery Clip Connector


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