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BF495 Medium Frequency Transistor (Pack of 2)



  • Advanced process technology
  • Low error voltage.
  • Low error voltage.
  • Fast switching speed.

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BF495 Medium Frequency Transistor
The BF495 Medium Frequency Transistor takes center stage in the realm of electronics, actively shaping and enhancing various applications. In this article, we’ll delve into the versatile and indispensable nature of this transistor, spotlighting its key features and widespread utilization.

To commence, the BF495 Medium Frequency Transistor stands as a compact yet potent electronic component. It actively amplifies medium-frequency signals, ensuring clear and robust signal processing in electronic devices and beyond.

Furthermore, its transistor configuration makes it ideal for a wide range of applications. It efficiently amplifies both audio and RF signals, providing versatile functionality without excessive power consumption.

In addition to this, the transistor’s reliability is remarkable. It is designed to withstand varying environmental conditions, ensuring consistent performance across diverse settings.

Moreover, its simple and efficient design merits attention. It boasts minimal external components, facilitating ease of integration and making it accessible to both professionals and enthusiasts.

Likewise, affordability is a significant advantage. The BF495 transistor offers high-performance signal amplification without imposing prohibitive costs, rendering it an attractive choice for various electronic projects.

Additionally, the ease of integration into electronic circuits is a notable benefit. It seamlessly fits into amplifier designs, whether for radio receivers, audio amplifiers, or signal processing units.

On the other hand, compatibility with various electronic components further enhances its utility. It effectively pairs with capacitors, resistors, and other semiconductor devices, optimizing signal processing.

Furthermore, the versatility of the BF495 Medium Frequency Transistor extends to educational contexts. It serves as a valuable teaching tool for students learning about transistors and signal amplification.

In conclusion, the BF495 Medium Frequency Transistor actively contributes to the world of electronics. Its compact size, transistor configuration, reliability, affordability, and ease of integration establish it as an indispensable component across a wide spectrum of electronic applications. Whether you’re a seasoned electronics professional or an enthusiast, this transistor empowers you to achieve clear and powerful signal amplification in your projects, ensuring efficient and versatile signal processing.

Features :-

  • Advanced process technology
  • Low error voltage.
  • Low error voltage.
  • Fast switching speed.
  • High power and current handling capability.

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Packages includes:-

  • 1 x BF495 IC (Pack of 2).

Weight 0.15 kg


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