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50grm Lead for Soldering



  • Cool Grip Insulating Nylon Handle
  • Slide on a Replaceable tip.
  • Portable, Lightweight, and easy to use.
  • Extra-heavy jobs like Heatsink, Heavy terminal Soldering

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50grm Lead for Soldering The 50g Lead for Soldering is a vital material for electrical and electronic soldering processes, ensuring secure connections and reliable circuitry.
Its composition facilitates smooth melting and excellent flow, resulting in strong and durable solder joints.

Designed with a specific melting point, the lead ensures quick and efficient soldering. It melts at a temperature that allows for precise control during the soldering process, preventing overheating of components.

The lead exhibits excellent wetting properties, so enabling it to spread evenly across the soldering surface. This uniform spreading enhances the bonding between the solder and the joint, creating reliable connections.

This lead leaves minimal to no residue after soldering. The clean soldering process ensures that there is no leftover flux or contaminants, promoting long-term stability and electrical conductivity in the soldered joints.

Packaged in a convenient 50g size, this lead quantity is suitable for various soldering tasks. It provides an adequate amount of solder for both small-scale DIY projects and professional electronic repairs.

The lead comes in a user-friendly form, because allowing for easy handling and application. Its malleable nature enables users to shape and apply the solder precisely, making it suitable for intricate soldering tasks.

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  • Good solderability both in electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity. Pi
  • Net Weight: 50g
  • With the solder wire reel, soldering can be accomplished quickly.
  • High activity flux makes more reliable soldering and leaves bright shiny solder joints after reflow.
  • Widely applied in electrical repairs.

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Package Includes:

  • 1 x 50grm Lead for Soldering.

Weight 0.1 kg


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