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560K ohm 1/4 Resistors (10 pcs)




  • Resistance Value: 560,000 ohms
  • Power Rating: 1/4 Watt (0.25 watts)
  • Tolerance: Common tolerances for resistors include ±1%, ±5%, and ±10%

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“Empowering Electronics with 560K ohm 1/4 Resistors”

560K ohm 1/4 Resistors (10 pcs) are fundamental components in electronics. These resistors offer a multitude of benefits, and their applications are widespread

Furthermore, their versatility extends to educational contexts, serving as valuable tools for students learning about electronics and circuitry.


  • Signal Conditioning: 560K ohm 1/4 Resistors are used to shape and condition analog signals.
  • Voltage Dividers: Employed in voltage divider circuits to achieve specific voltage levels.
  • Filter Circuits: Likewise, they help in removing unwanted frequencies from signals.
  • Amplifiers: Essential for setting bias and gain in amplifier circuits.
  • LED Current Limiting: Additionally, Control current in LED circuits for consistent brightness.
  • Timing Circuits: Moreover, Precision resistance aids in accurate timing.
  • In conclusion, 560K ohm 1/4 resistors actively contribute to the realm of electronics. Their compact size, optimal resistance value, reliability, affordability, and ease of integration establish them as indispensable components across a broad spectrum of electronic applications. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an electronics enthusiast, these resistors empower you to attain precise and stable control in your electronic circuits.

    Key features:

    • Highly Reliable 560K ohm Resistor
    • ±5% Tolerance
    • Power Rating: 0.25W
    • Package: Axial
    • Mounting Feature: Through-hole
    • Composition: Carbon Film Type

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    Packages includes:-

    • 10 x 560K ohm 1/4 Resistors .


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