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82 ohms 1/4 watt resistors (10 pcs)


Features of 82 ohms-1/4 Watt Resistor .

  • Resistance: 82 Ω.
  • Tolerance: 5%.
  • Power rating: 1/4Watt
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82 ohms 1/4 watt resistors are vital components in electronics, purpose-built for precise resistance control in electrical circuits. Additionally featuring an 82-ohm resistance value and a 1/4-watt power rating, these resistors assume a pivotal role in regulating current flow and voltage levels within circuits. Engineers, hobbyists, and electronics enthusiasts widely integrate these resistors into various applications, including voltage dividers, LED current regulation, and signal conditioning circuits. Because robust grasp of the resistor’s specifications proves essential for individuals engaged in electronics projects, enabling them to finely tune and customize circuit behavior to meet specific requirements.

Likewise in the realm of electronics, where precision and versatility are paramount, the 82-ohm 1/4-watt resistors excel in both aspects. These components transcend their passive nature, serving as the cornerstone for a multitude of innovative electronic creations. Whether you’re designing a bespoke circuit, conducting DIY electronics experiments, or troubleshooting existing systems, having these resistors readily available equips you with the essential tools to confidently and accurately manage and fine-tune electrical parameters. With their 82-ohm resistance and 1/4-watt power rating, these resistors stand as reliable, adaptable, and indispensable assets in the field of electronics.

Features of 82 ohms Resistor .

  • Resistance: 82 Ω.
  • Tolerance: 5%.
  • Power rating: 1/4Watt.

Applications of 82 ohms-1/4 Watt Resistor .

  • Voltage limiter.
  • Current Limiter.
  • DIY projects requiring lower voltage than specified voltage.
  • AVR/Arduino/Raspberry-pi projects.

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Packages includes:-

  • 1 x 82 ohms 1/4 watt resistors (10 pcs)


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